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The Payroll Administrator enables the delivery of payroll services to Darden employees by ensuring the accuracy of payroll data and information. He/she analyzes pay information, identifies actions, and ensures that proper payments and adjustments are made in order to reduce the occurrence of payroll errors that represent financial risk to Darden. The Payroll Administrator validates the work of members of the Payroll Service Center/Processing Team (e.g., (Sr.) Payroll Specialists). Additionally, the Payroll Administrator provides support to internal customers (e.g., employees, leaders) on payroll issues of significant complexity


-Ensures the delivery of accurate and timely payroll services Controls the payroll process; ensures quality control and advances the payroll process by approving the work of the members of the Payroll Service Center/Processing Team; issues guidance on corrective action when needed

-Analyzes pay information and identifies and implements relevant actions (e.g., makes corrections, issues checks)

-Oversees weekly polled data; validates that the weekly polled data for all concepts/restaurants/RSC is received, ensuring accuracy of processed data

-Validates accuracy throughout the weekly on-cycle payment process from the point the data is polled until it is confirmed, ensuring all critical deadlines are met

-Processes critical off-cycle payments/adjustments, meeting time sensitive deadlines; ensures the accuracy of payments and that legal compliance requirements are met (e.g., bonus, stock awards, ER requests, final-pays)

-Uses high-level information systems access to update and correct sensitive data including personnel, tax, and tip records; ensures the accuracy of records

-Provides exceptional customer service by responding to internal customers┬┐ questions and concerns

-Ensures that Sarbanes-Oxley-required (SOX) controls are being adhered to

-Supports the overall success of the Payroll Services team Communicates critical deadlines and information regarding the payroll process to members of the Payroll Service Center/Processing Team using highly effective communication skills

-Ensures that all payroll reports are validated by members of the Payroll Service Center/Processing Team

-Provides ongoing training and support for members of the Payroll Team

-Identifies issues and recommends actions related to the payroll process; escalates issues as necessary

-Writes and tests work procedures; may work with Payroll Systems team to support testing of new processes and systems/system updates

-Serves as a back-up to other members of the team

-Keeps payroll and personnel information strictly confidential


-Ability to use PeopleSoft queries

-Ability to extract data

-Ability to analyze information in order to correctly process payroll (e.g., determine appropriate pay)

-Ability to process payroll across legal boundaries; focus on processing payroll for the Restaurant Support Center, employees in the United States, Canada, and/or a complex state (e.g., California)

-Experience with and understanding of the entire payroll process

-Detail-orientation and the ability to perform all work in an accurate and timely manner

-Ability to use basic mathematics

-Ability and comfort with using various computer programs and resources (e.g., proficient in the use of MS Excel, websites)

-Ability to use accounting procedures (e.g., debits and credits, journal entries, general ledger)

-Ability to stay up-to-date with work procedures, new software, and software updates

-Ability to communicate (written and verbal) in a clear and concise manner

-Ability to prioritize tasks

-Ability to multi-task

-Ability to take initiative and ownership


High School diploma or equivalent required; Associate's degree or payroll certification preferred. Individuals should have 5-8 years of relevant experience.


-Knowledge of laws and regulations associated with payroll

-Knowledge of banking issues

-Knowledge of concepts and procedures related to finance

-Knowledge of labor laws

-Knowledge of payroll tax and garnishment

-Knowledge of payroll concepts and procedures (e.g., calculation of gross-to-net)